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Build & Release Engineer, DevOps Engineer (m/w)

Für einen unserer Kunden suchen wir einen Build & Release Engineer / DevOps Engineer zur Projektunterstützung.


The mission of our Calculations Team is to help the customer getting from raw data to the right results. This requires close collaboration with the domain specialists of the projects. Furthermore, we are establishing a sustainable and generic calculation framework that is to be used.

The Calculations Team provides:

    Participation in technical requirement definition
  • Specification and development of project-specific calculation solutions
  • Integration of calculation framework - within the projects
  • Maintenance and support
  • Provide mathematical know-how and consulting to all projects
  • Support for verification and validation by providing the required documentation for all the projects
  • Responsible for the timelines/scope (agreed with the consumer projects)
  • Training (concept training)


    Support the software development team to set up and maintain the Build and Release configurations following the Standards.
  • Understand and Align the vision and needs of the software development team in order to develop, maintain and improve our code based build process in an optimal way
  • Support on the harmonization of software build and release processes from point of view
  • Support negotiations with Software Project Leads to achieve the optimal and efficient quality of the software build and release process.
  • Document the build and release process in the way that the software development team can use it as a knowledge base for their daily work.
  • Support the software development team on the configuration management and software versioning for the deliverables. All activities shall include, (but not limited to)
  • Planning, estimation, design, implementation, and rollout of the build and release process changes and updates follow pre-agreed prioritization
  • All the activities are executed in close collaboration with DevOps team
  • Coordinate people involved and ensuring that all work is completed within the defined plan
  • Reporting to Software Project Leads is provided which describes the progress on the build process updates and possible risks on delivery quality.

Erforderliche Qualifikationen

    Highly skilled in application development (minimum of 3 years) and Sharp with a minimum of 5 years of experience*****
  • Highly skilled in C# /.net framework / .net standard / .net core****
  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer****
  • Fluent object-oriented languages***
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent knowledge and skills**
  • Native or high knowledge in German / fluent English**

Weitere Qualifikationen

    Strong knowledge on object-oriented design and development best practices such as SOLIDand eXtreme programming
  • Leadership skills in designing and implementing test automation (lead in team available / SCRUM)
  • Experience working in regulated environments (ISO 62304, FDA)
  • Know-how on large-scale data management
  • An active participant in software communities


  • Beginn: 15. April 2020
  • Laufzeit: 10 Monate mit Option auf Verlängerung
  • Einsatzort: Zug
  • Anstellungsart: Freelancer
  • Pensum: 80% - 100%
  • Projekt-ID: 202076



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