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DevOps Engineer (m/w)

Für einen unserer Kunden suchen wir einen DevOps Engineer zur Projektunterstützung.

Who are we

    We are a group of (former) developers supporting software development teams on DevOps topics
  • We try to move the whole department in a DevOps direction
  • We prepare / develop solutions for software projects to be able to do CI/CD
  • We automate the creation of build- and test infrastructure
  • We do feasibility studies for projects on new / bleeding edge technologies
  • We do NOT develop big software projects
  • We do NOT provide and support infrastructure ("metal") and system tools
  • We are NOT 1st/2nd/3rd level support for users / consumers

What do we want

    Another team member to help tackling a broad spectrum of topics within the "DevOps spectrum"
  • A team member that has a broad understanding of the whole software lifecycle
  • A team member that is interested in helping others to improve the status quo
  • A team member that can coach others on new approaches / technologies

What is needed

    Experience in software development (preferably .NET)
  • Experience with build systems
  • Experience with Cloud Infrastructure
  • Experience with Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)

What are we currently working on / with

    Infrastructure Virtualization (Hyper-V)
  • Infrastructure Automation (PowerShell DSC, Ansible)
  • Build Automation (TFS Build, Cake)
  • Monitoring (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana)
  • Additional Tools where needed (.NET Core)

What are we planning to do

    Move infrastructure to OpenStack
  • Plan for Windows Server 2019 (Core)
  • Containerize Build Infrastructure (Azure Pipeline Agent)
  • General: Optimize build workflows for projects ("automate everything")
  • General: Support projects on any upcoming DevOps topic


  • Beginn: 1. März 2018
  • Laufzeit: 12 Monate mit Option auf Verlängerung
  • Einsatzort: Zug
  • Pensum: 80% - 100%
  • Projekt-ID: 201912



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